Who Are Past Perspectives?

Past Perspectives is a UK-based organisation founded in 1995 and led by its Director, Jim Wallman, a game designer and professional facilitator who has over 30 years experience of succesfully developing games for a wide range of audiences, from young people in schools, to corporations, museums, the military and the senior civil service.

He has combined his management experience at a senior level in the public and voluntary sectors with an appreciation of the psychological dimension game design and facilitation processes to ensure that Past Perspectives events are able to deliver educational, team building or management development goals time and again.


He is supported by a peripatetic team of experts, all experienced professionals in facilitating games as well as subject matter experts in their own right.

The team's subject matter expertise has been drawn from backgrounds including academic history, cyber security, systems integration, journalism, senior management, military/defence, security, government and the social sciences.

It is the diversity of this interdisciplinary group that has proved very creative in designing and delivering games that both challenge and entertain.


Recent clients of Past Perspectives include

   - The Shrivenham Leadership Centre
   - Blue Rubicon consultancy
   - UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham
   - UK Ministry of Defence Senior Leadership Progamme
   - Vodafone UK
   - UK Foreign & Commonwealth office, Full Spectrum Unit
   - Freestyle Games Ltd
   - CORDA / BAE Systems
   - McGill University, Montreal
   - National Defence University, Washington
   - Teneo Strategy


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