The Plan is a small game for 4 - 8 players that illustrates some of the process in a Past Perspectives game.

The main focus is on intercommunication within a team where each team member has a different objective and different information. The background is hot planning for a war that has just started between two ficticious countries Freedonia and Silvania.

The game takes around 90 minutes included the debriefing phase.

The resources you can download free in pdf format include:

The Game Facilitators Guide - with notes on how to set up and run the game, background information, suggested debrief questions and a master situation map.
The Game Background briefing containing common information vailable to all the players and the players' map.
A pack of 8 individual briefings, one for each player.


A copy of 'The Letter' from the President of Freedonia setting out the situation
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