Organisational Development & Teambulding
What do we offer?
  We have four main game themes that impact of organisational development.

Critical Thinking. Developing and practicing essential skills in decision making and problem solving.

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Crisis Response. A chance to practice how you and your organisationmight respond in a crisis.

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Responsible Communication.. Getting the best from your communications requires practice and reflection, and our games are stuctured to provide this opportunity.

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Negotiation. Understanding how negotiation works and practicing this in the safe space provided by the game environment.

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There are addiitonal benefits:
  Facilitated planning using game techniques allows organsiations to consider the 'other side of the hill' of competitiors, risks and 'what if' scenarios.

Testing the team's soft skills in the challenging and psychologically safe environment or a game.

'Mistakes' made here do not reflect directly on the real world - leaving the participants and the organisation to reflect more impartially on performance and development

A game gives an experience of working with colleagues in a new environment.
This often gives participants an insight into their performance and encourage fresh networks within the organisation through a shared experience. This aspect of team building is a core use of games. See more here ...
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