Learning Through Doing
What can an Educational Past Perspectives Game Offer?

  Children and young people love stories - and history is full of them! They also like games. By framing the activity as an engaging game - we can get the active attention of the group - and they learn by doing - one of the fundamental principles of the Past Perspectives approach.

Past Perspectives educational games are fun!

Young people get drawn into their subject by their active participation and forget they are learning.

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A Past Perspectives Game leads to ...
Empathy for people and lives of the past by sharing and exploring their problems from their perspective...
Understanding, by direct experience and role playing - 'learning by doing'
Examine in a practical 'hands-on' way some of the critical decisions of the past and the issues that surround them.
Develops communication skills by practice and actively promotes critical thinking lively discussion of the issues between students.
Generates interest in a new historical period or social issue.