Responsible Communication

Responsible Communication is more than merely effectiveness and clarity. The concept takes in the principle that in any communication, you have to take responsibility for its progress and the degree to which you are understood. Skills such as active listening play an important role here, as does mirroring and summarising.

A Responsible communicator fully owns their part of any misunderstanding and works proactively to ensure that both parties to a communication are respected and understood.

Responsible Communication can be characterised by thoughfulness and self-relfection. If the recipient of your communication has not understood, is it that they are stupid, or you have not understood their perspective enough to explain properly? Responsible communicators will take the latter view.

Games that bring out opportunities to practice this will test players' ability to make effective and responsible communications not only in a theoretical way by during times of (simulated) stress and confusion - just like the real world!

Games that include Responsible Communication as a key theme:

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